My name is Kaamos.

I write poetry. Some of it is even decent enough to post online.

My Wordpress is currently a work in progress, but I plan to be using it as my main platform.

Content warnings:
1. Some of my work is erotic in nature and relates to themes of kink and BDSM.
2. My work may contain mentions including but not limited to:
- alcohol
- drugs
- harmful coping mechanisms
- trauma

About me.

he/him | 28 years | Finland

I write. I play the guitar. I'm an introvert. I wear a leather jacket. I drink my coffee with no sugar but too much milk. I think mathematics is fun.I have a dissociative disorder. Or rather, I am an alter in a dissociative system. I prefer not to go into detail about how it affects us as a whole and what has caused it. However, healing from trauma, and coping with an identity that doesn't line up with the body and its personal history, are recurring themes in my writing.I often write about relationships. I am polyamorous and bisexual. I am telling you this, because this context may be meaningful to understanding my writing.

Contact me.

You can dm me on any of my social medias. Or alternatively, you can email me at [email protected].